Spencer Morgan

I moved to Arizona in 2007 after spending two years teaching in Guatemala. Arizona has become my adoptive home. Since moving to Arizona, I have been a successful coach, independent contractor, advocate, and community leader; I have worked in banking, business, and education (K-12 and Higher Ed). I am an innovator and a leader.

I was hired as the head coach of Highland High School’s debate program. There I spent two years teaching and mentoring Arizona’s finest and brightest. Instilling in them leadership, communication and hard work; practical values that I learned in my debate years and that are keys to success in today’s competitive world.

While working as an independent contractor in 2008 I helped develop and establish an entirely new sales program for a local Arizona company that provides accounting software and services for some of the largest franchises in the world. I came to understand the importance and impact of small business.

In 2009 I was elected to be the Student Government President at the second largest institution of higher education in Arizona, Mesa Community College, where I administered over a student population larger than nearly ¾ of the cities and townships in Arizona. As a student leader, I saved Arizona students more than $56 million in tuition and fee increases since 2009.

Now, I am asking for your vote. Over the past decade we have seen a troubling lack of leadership in Congress. Washington is more willing to play political games than create sensible solutions. I have seen it first hand. Vote for me and I promise to put you first; I promise to povide sensible solutions and responsive leadership.

Together we can get our nation back on track.