Sri Aiyaswamy

Consultant in Newark, NJ

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One of the factors that set successful entrepreneurs apart from failures is the ability to make mistakes and learn from them. This is one of the key reasons why Sri Aiyaswamy has been so successful. For over two decades, she has co-founded several tech companies that have become global success. At one of them, Ravel software, she implemented a successful marketing strategy that helped grow sales by over 60% in less than 2 years. While handling client services as VP at Strataserv, she tried out new ideas, and led consulting teams to significant success. On top of her success as an entrepreneur, Sri is also into philanthropy. Since 2015, she has been a volunteer at Leave-a-Trail, a charity for children with special needs. Sri is also passionate about issues to do with the environment. When not running her businesses, or giving back to the society, Sri loves traveling the world. She has been to some of the most exotic places on the planet. It’s her reward for putting in the work, and taking the risk to start business and nurture them until they become successful profit making entities. She is the kind of person that upcoming entrepreneurs can look up to for motivation.