Srikanth Bale


I like long walks on the beach The smell of old books The smell of new books Sushi Photographs Bailey's on Ice Memories Sunsets Drama Life Love Everything in between And I like COOKING, CLEANING N IMPRESSING KIDS BELOW 5, Also, it's been ages since I've updated things on here. Just realised that. Especially music. My taste constantly evolves and encompasses alot of things. So just ask and you shall know. I think - it's important to have an opinion, even if its not a popular one. -Jeff Buckley's version of Hallelujah is possibly the most beautiful song in existence. The effect it has on the human mind and spirit is indescribable. -People who don't read don't know what they're missing out on. A wise man once said that Books let you travel the world, without moving a step. He was right.

  • Work
    • Planet Earth
  • Education
    • Indira Vidya Nikethan
    • Narayana College, Visakhapatnam
    • NTR University of Health Sciences