Sonja Camden

Garland, Texas

The profile pic is me & my wonderful son, Matthew, commonly referred to as Matt. To have been trusted with such a special gift from heaven has been a blessing and a journey that only mother's like myself can understand - I am really blessed, yet challenged to fully understand God's call to families who have been entrusted with such special people. A journey of this kind reveals our humanity and total need for God's grace to run the race with love and patience during those times of utter weariness and exhaustion. Because of Matthew, I went back to school in my thirties to complete my undergrad in social work, and then in my forties came the masters in social work, with a rewarding career serving other families who have loved ones with disabilities. Matthew's purpose is being lived out in a way neither he nor I would have imagined. Just remember when life's trials knock at your door, ask God "what" he wants to do with the challenge, not "why" he sent it your way! God Bless!

  • Work
    • Camden, Camden & Associates
  • Education
    • Midway High School, Waco, Texas
    • McLennan Community College
    • University of Texas at Arlington