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If your business isn’t harnessing the awesome power of social media and internet marketing, you are forfeiting your involvement in a targeted, comprehensive multi-billion dollar industry designed with one fundamental application in mind – to grow your business to levels you can only dream about. Social media marketing isn’t simply about us telling the world how great you are, it’s about being able to positively influence buying intentions; it’s about making sure your business is highly visible to your key target markets and it’s about making sure you achieve a solid ROI and the

SRP Consultancy has both the technical know-how and the creative vision to make it happen. Led by internet marketing entrepreneur Suzie Parkus, the SRP Consultancy are Social Media and Internet Marketing experts with extensive experience in promoting brands, businesses and organisations to the most relevant and responsive online communities.

Through networking and having a coherent understanding of the marketplace Suzie was operating in, it became abundantly clear to her how little SMEs and larger businesses knew about the awesome ability of internet marketing, social media, list building and the myriad other forms of growing awareness and sales online.

“I love seeing the benefits of what I do in the results and continued success of my clients”

Cue the SRP Consultancy. No longer do businesses have to forfeit massive opportunities for growth because long-in-the-tooth company owners ‘just don’t get it’. You wouldn’t do the conveyancing on your house yourself, you ask a solicitor. Do you do your tax returns or does your accountant do it? The same goes for social media. The SRP Consultancy is a place where people can find all the resources they need to create an effective online presence.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you achieve your online success.....

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