Shuren Qi

Student in LNNU

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Shuren Qi, Master's Student,

School of Computer and Information Technology,

Liaoning Normal University, Dalian, 116029, P. R. China.



Image analysis and representation using polynomial expansions, e.g., moments and moment invariants.

Advanced multimedia forensics and security techniques, e.g., digital watermarking and forgery detection.


2020, M.Sc. in Computer Science and Technology @ Liaoning Normal University, under the supervision of Prof. Hongying Yang and Prof. Xiangyang Wang. Thesis: “Research on the Theory and Application of New Image Orthogonal Moments”

2017, B.A. in Advertising @ Liaoning Normal University


[1] H. Yang, S. Qi, C. Wang, S. Yang, and X. Wang, “Image analysis by Log-Polar Exponent-Fourier Moments,” Pattern Recognition (PR), 2020.

[2] H. Yang, S. Qi, P. Niu and X. Wang, “Color image zero-watermarking based on Fast Quaternion Generic Polar Complex Exponential Transform,” Signal Processing: Image Communication (SPIC), 2020.

[3] H. Yang, S. Qi, Y. Niu, P. Niu and X. Wang, “Copy-move forgery detection based on adaptive keypoints extraction and matching,” Multimedia Tools and Applications (MTAP), 2019.


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