Santiago Salcido

Student in Mexico City, Mexico

Santiago Salcido

Student in Mexico City, Mexico

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What’s up, I’m Santiago. I’m a student living in Mexico City, Mexico. I am a fan of music, arts, and food. I’m also interested in movies and shopping. You can read my blog with a click on the button above.

Some of my soft skills are:

Verbal Communication: I’m able to make people understand my point in debates, discussions and conversations.

Listening: I’m always up to help people by listening to their problems.

Mentoring: I can give life advices and as well teach math classes.

Decision making: In difficult moments, I can make hard decisions that could affect others.

Crisis management: When in a crisis I calm people and put order.

Persuasion: I’m able to persuade people to do what I want.

Emotional Intelligence: I know when and how to express my feelings.

Competitiveness: I like to compete against different people to fight harder for what I want.

Empathy: I’m really empathic to people with problems, this way I can think of a solution.

Enthusiasm: I try to be enthusiastic or stay positive so other people get inspired by me.