Swetha Sareddy

On June 10, 1994, I was born in a government hospital to a school teacher and an engineer. Until I turned six, my sister and I spent most of our time with our grandparents because my parents were busy working. In May 2000, my dad was transferred to the United States and the next year, my mom, my sister and I followed suit. The year in India without my dad was very hard to adjust to because I was very close with him. However, it was much harder once we moved to the United States because I missed all of my relatives, especially my grandparents. Settling down halfway across the world necessitated big changes in my family's lifestyle. We all had to learn a new language and adjust to living in a cramped apartment with just the four of us rather than a lofty house with my grandparents, aunt, uncle and cousins.

The pictures in the background are from my family's last visit to India. During the summer, my mom, my sister and I visited relatives across the country. Several of the pictures include my two younger cousins, Saankya and Saatvi, whom I absolutely adore. In the profile picture above, I am at my dad's village playing a game with my sister and older cousin. Despite moving to the United States, I still keep in touch with my relatives and I hope that never changes because family is very important to me.