Sean Seepersad

Teacher in Hartford, Connecticut

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My main focus area is loneliness - what is it? what causes it? and how can we get rid of it?

One of my many roles is being the current President/CEO of the Web of Loneliness Institute, Inc which runs the Web of Loneliness website.

My work is centered around spreading the message that loneliness is important issue that needs to be addressed, research on loneliness, providing support for individuals who feel lonely, and serving as a resource for all things related to loneliness.

The Institute is currently in an aggressive expansion mode. We are looking to start several projects including: a nationwide survey of Americans to understand the epidemiology of loneliness, starting a helpline for lonely individuals, and funding research programs around effective loneliness intervention programs. Interested in helping us get these off the ground? Contact me and we can discuss further.

If you are a blogger and would like to submit your blog post/article to me for publication in the Web of Loneliness eMagazine, please contact me to discuss your blog idea.

My contact information is below and would be happy to talk with you.

  • Work
    • Web of Loneliness Institute
  • Education
    • Applied PhD Human Development and Family Studies