Sergei Shvetsov

Head of Tech Operations in Special Capital Region of Jakarta, Indonesia

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My name is Sergei Shvetsov, I'm a rare combination - an IT geek with fine social skills and business acumen. Through my long involvement in Ballroom and Latin dance, being a dance instructor and running my own dance company I've learned people and business skills that most "techies" desperately lack. Through my early interest in computers, education and long career in Information and Telecommunications sector I've acquired technical skills most salesmen will never have. I've been to over 20 countries and worked with clients in all continents (except Antarctic), taking care of everything from pre-sale, to design and development, to system integration, to post-sale support.

I have experience in wide range of areas: software engineering, system and network administration, enterprise systems, telecommunications, security, dev-ops, solution integration and management of teams/projects/products. Being a generalizing specialist, I can quickly get comfortable with whatever technical expertise is required for the job.

I thrive at challenging jobs that provide me with opportunity to acquire new skills, knowledge and experience and bring my ideas to life. I have many skills, but what I do best is solve problems.

  • Work
    • Traveloka
  • Education
    • University of Manitoba