Sarah Spear

Auckland, New Zealand

Sarah Spear is a stay-at-home Mom of two gorgeous girls, Caitlin (7) and Sophie (5) and has been married to tech genius Andrew Spear for 11 years. Andrew and Sarah have sold two successful tech businesses. She is a self-publisher of techie children’s books, the My Little Geek series, ran the successful podcast, The Parentalist and has run several Marathons. She has been published in Her Business Magazine with advice on self publishing and PreneurMarketing for their successful Kickstarter Campaign. Sarah has been featured on National TV and The Nerdist several podcasts including Networking for Business Women, Mom at 41, as well as Familiy Confidential. She has been running the accounts and a part of the strategic direction of their businesses for 11 years. Although she concedes she is imperfect, she does have moments of genius and is convinced her children know they’re loved on a daily basis.

  • Education
    • Bachelor of Education - Primary