SSP Private Limited

SSP (PVT) LIMITED, popularly known as SSP, is a growing engineering company situated close to New Delhi. Established in 1977, it has commendable achievements in field of design, manufacture, installation & commissioning of Dairy, Food Processing, Pharmaceutical and Chemical Plants & Equipment. We are leading manufacturer & supplier of Flash Evaporator, Industrial Evaporators, Industrial Flash Evaporator, Falling Film Evaporators and Thin Film Evaporators.

Product Range:

Falling Film Evaporator
SSP Pvt Limited
Forced Circulation Evaporator
SSP Pvt Limited
Scrapped Surface/Thin Film Evaporator
Combination Evaporator

Why Us ?:

Each technology brings with it, more than 30 years experience in design, manufacturing, Erection & Commissioning of plants/projects.
Has developed indigenous and highly cost effective projects plus equipments for small and medium scale sector.
Provides thorough training to the staff of the client company, ensuring a steady functioning of the installed plant.
Focuses on customers satisfaction and has consequently received repeat orders from multinationals like Hindustan Lever, Procter & Gamble, Shaw Wallace, etc.

Evaporator Expansion:

SSP is not only capable of designing new evaporators but can also enhance the capacity of the existing ones. As a result we get improved operating conditions, lower consumption of specific steam, increment in capacity and saving of capital investment and also operating cost. The capacity enhancement is done by adding effects, thermo-compressors, etc. as per requirement and case requirement.