Stacey Camille O. del Socorro

A smart student; who achieved the world with amazing stories. Graduated as one of the top honor students in batch 2013. An aspirant young High school graduate; who DIVERSE in excelling the interested fields of — History, Econimics, Journalism, Business, Home Designing, Health, Psychology and Philosophy. “To track down success, one must first see failure.” – Anonymous Author The key to life is not always reading beneath the surface of a book. Our life is not aiming for details and corrections. - That is what I Believe. I believe there is a point of why a person fails and a person gains success. The world is not a surface you have to analyze on. That is why education is created — to push; to survive; and to answer. However, it is not the solution to make you understand of what makes you; who you really are. It creates your background of what you will become, that's education! I don't believe to choose failure; but to experience the memory to do better. Hi! My name is Stacey del Socorro; and, I am a DIVERSE advocate to many kinds of field that studies DIVERSE branches. Why many? Because I love to love MANY. Many of these fields are my interest. I am a speaker to several schools in the Region VII of Central Visayas, Philippines; that disscusses politics, democracy, health and inspirational messages - regardless of the age, to many people. I accept volunteering services to the elders and other fields I take interest on. I hope to hear from many authors, new friends and many journalist who aspires to inspire the world. Take care :)