Stacey Morris

Albany, N.Y.

Thanks for visiting my page. Hope you'll make yourself at home for a while. Here are a few pertinent details:

I'm a journalist, food writer, and a self-described Recovering American who dropped 180 pounds four years ago and did it without dieting, surgery, or any of the miracle-gimmicks pedaled to the masses of Americans trapped in the cycle of overindulging and dieting. If a diet and exercise plan were really what I needed, the weight would have been gone decades ago. As someone who loved food far too much, to the point of misusing it, I knew the weight would never stay off until I dug into the reasons I was drugging myself with it. Daring to go where I never wanted to changed my life forever.

For many years I was trapped in a cycle of overeating and dieting...always trying to tame my love of food. Exhausted from the struggle, I finally realized it's actually NORMAL to love food. Mother Nature wired us that way so we'd survive.

Once I stopped fighting this and learned to eat when prompted by hunger and not emotions, I became at peace and was free to enjoy food in a much healthier way.

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