Stacia Hopkins

Stacia Hopkins

Good day!

My name is Stacia Hopkins.

I’m from Boise, Idaho—born and raised.

I love Idaho and the majestic beauty of it (although, I’ve never lived anywhere else…so I am biased =). I’m currently 24 years old.

I graduated in December ’08 with a Bachelor of Science in Music and a minor in Philosophy.

Back in the day…

Throughout my younger years I was immersed in music. My dad began teaching me piano when I was 3 and I thrived on it. When I was in 5th grade, I was introduced to the world of string music. I began playing the viola and was soon convinced that I would become a world-touring violist.

In addition to being in several orchestras in high school, I was also on the lacrosse team. I loved every second. We should go throw some balls around sometime. =)

Since I wanted to tour the world as a violist, I naturally went to college and majored in music. I quickly discovered that I wasn’t much of a fan of being locked in a practice room for hours on end by myself. Plus, in all of my philosophical writing and thinking =) I determined that I personally couldn’t help as many people with music as I could if I did something else.

Enter Network Marketing…

In the midst of realizing that maybe I didn’t want to pursue a career as a musician, I was introduced to network marketing. I first joined during Christmas break of my freshman year in college. I immediately “saw” the potential.

From the moment I heard the idea, I was hooked. I guess you could say that I had the entrepreneurial “spark.” I have to say, there were many times that I wanted to drop out of college and just pursue network marketing. I really had no drive left in me to go to
class and learn how to go get a job. (But I persisted and got my degree!)

Hence, I haven’t had a “real” job. …Well I did play first-chair in the university orchestra during college and got paid for it. But as far as being employed for any long amount of time…I hope to never experience that. =) I do teach music lessons and I enjoy that as a side hobby. One of my biggest goals is to never have a W2.

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