Stacie Walker

San Antonio, TX

Stacie Walker is an Internet Business Strategist and Mentor, International Best Selling Author, Producer and Host of Reach Your Next Level of Greatness Business Podcast. Stacie has been known as a success driven entrepreneur ever since her journey began in 2008.

She left her secure career in the Psychiatry Department at the University of Texas Health Science Center due to a near death experience and was told by her doctor to go home and stay in bed until she was healthier.

Months went by and she went through her paid sick leave, paid personal leave, and paid vacation leave. She even went through my retirement fund and depleted her life’s savings.

Stacie was “forced” to find another way to provide for her family.

While stuck at home in bed, Stacie did extensive research on the internet to earn income from home.

She was originally introduced to work at home "jobs" but as Stacie continued to dig a little further the entrepreneurial world was thrown right before her eyes.

She knew nothing about building a business and was raised to "get an education and get a career until you retire" ever since she could remember.

Prior to her research, Stacie never thought that building an internet business was even an option for her.

Stacie took a huge leap into the entrepreneurial world and that’s when her internet business was born!

In just a few short years Stacie has a thriving business doing what she is truly passionate about - monthly mini vacations, spending quality time with her growing family, and helping people around the world to design their own entrepreneurial dreams.

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    • Inspiring & Educating You to Pursue Your Dreams!
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    • DeVry University (Associates in Business) & The School of Hard Knocks