Stacy Santmyer

Consultant in New York

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Committed to defending the professional integrity of financial advisors, Stacy Santmyer currently heads the business development arm of AdvisorLaw, LLC in Broomfield, CO. Thanks to his sensible advice and intensive collaboration with his team, Stacy has been able to uphold the reputation and integrity of beleaguered financial advisors suffering from unjust vexation due to unmerited customer complaints lodged against them. Through his efforts, countless financial advisors have been able to get back on track and onto a level playing field with fellow financial advisors in the business.

For Stacy Santmyer, leaving a stone unturned is the greatest sin that someone in his career can do in the defense of clients. Thus, he pays close attention to detail and works even more closely with senior FINRA attorneys in order to provide the knowledge to advisors on how to navigate the continuously evolving rules on compliance. He articulates his client’s side as best as he can so that they can make full use of the Rule 2080 arbitration, which guarantees the deletion of meritless customer disputes that have been previously disclosed but continue to besmirch their CRD and BrokerCheck profile. He works for the speedy and pain-free resolution of such cases while swiftly identifying those financial advisors who have need of the company’s personalized services.

Stacy Santmyer maintains his position at the frontlines of the regulatory environment so as to accurately identify those financial advisors who are having issues on the navigation of compliance rules and who would benefit much from the regulatory arbitration process. He heads his own team that is responsible for the cleanup and preservation of every client’s reputation in the financial services sector.

Before joining AdvisorLaw, LLC, Stacy Santmyer worked 8 years providing advice to small businesses on the correction, resolution, and expungement of federal tax issues, which honed his skills and provided fresh ones for his current job.