Stacy McCoy

I love to solve problems.

I've always loved to solve problems. Even in elementary school I was part of an award-winning Future Problem Solvers of America troup. Yup, I was that child. And this love for problem solving stayed with me.

With problem solving in mind, I went on to major in Religious Studies and double minor in International Development & Policy + International Studies at Wake Forest University. I believe that religion is the backbone of culture and if you truly understand a culture's religion you can make better policy decisions creating long-term sustainable impact. I used this philosophy to study microcredit and access to economic rights as an avenue for women empowerment in Nepal on a research scholarship.

After college I moved to Los Angeles where I grew increasingly interested in the gray area in between the for-profit and non-profit sectors. I love a solid business model but I could never have a job that didn't give back. The jobs are out there but it is such a tedious task finding them! I set out to fix this problem. I created Give To Get Jobs with my business partner, who just so happens to be my wonderful mother.

This might be my first official problem-solving venture. But it certainly won't be my last.