Shanti Takata

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I am currently a freshman attending Arcadia High School. If I were to describe myself in three words, I would say I'm very outgoing, social and a ball of energy.

I've had a very interesting life as I like to say. I was born in Kauai, Hawaii. When I just turned one-year-old me and my family decided to move to Oahu, Hawaii. I lived in Hawaii for six years. After Hawaii, we moved to Arizona for my dad's job. We only lived in Arizona for about 2 years. After Arizona, we moved to California and that's where I currently live now.

Growing up I always had so much energy that I couldn’t sit and watch TV. Instead, I wanted to go to school so bad that my parents put me in daycare at the age of 2. I remember going to daycare was always the highlight of my days. Later on, my parents thought I still had too much energy and they put me in ballet. As a little kid, I was way too hyper for ballet that the slow dances bored me way too much. When I moved to Arizona my parents decided to put me in something that would use my energy more which was Acrobatics. I enjoyed acrobatics so much that I started tumbling and teaching myself skills. When we moved to California to my parents enrolled me in gymnastics. I started gymnastics when I was going into 4th grade. I quickly started to fall in love with this sport. I knew gymnastics was a very challenging sport physically and mentally. As I was falling in love with this sport, little by little after practice I would feel pain in my knees. I always thought it was nothing but after ignoring this pain for a while I finally went to the doctors and came to the conclusion of quitting.

Going to Arcadia High School has taught me a lot of things. At the beginning of the school year this year I was super nervous to go to school. Many new people from different schools. Looking back at it now I'm very glad to have met some of the new friends. Getting involved in this huge school is also one thing I've wanted to do. This year I tried out for something new yearbook and I never thought I’d be getting involved in something like that but I’m very glad that I tried out for it because I made it in. I also tried out for track and field this year and at first, I had no self-confidence of making it on the team but little did I know, I made it on. Track has taught me a lot of things and making new friends is one of the highlights of joining.

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