Stanley Darma

PhD researcher and Ophthalmology Resident in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

In these web oriented times, I still want to be able to introduce myself and welcome you on my site, even though you're just meeting a digital paper version of me.

I'll start off by telling you I'm an ophthalmology resident and PhD candidate, working on research in ophthalmology and optical coherence tomography, trying to make amazing pictures of and perform precise measurements in the human retina.

Right now and in the near future I hope to help people out with their vision problems, both through my research as well as in the clinic.

Alongside my work I also love new technology, both medical and non-medical. Therefore I'm glad that healthcare also has its share of gadgets and technological innovations that keep making healthcare better. It cannot operate without modern technology anymore. I truly hope that innovative developments will keep on amazing me in the future.

Check out my LinkedIn page down below to find out more in terms of work experience and study. You can always contact me via email.

  • Work
    • Academic Medical Center
  • Education
    • Medicine, University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands