Stan Tanabe

San Diego

Business Debt 180 is a Business Debt Mediation, Capital Acquisition and Personal Credit Repair company. I help business owners that are experiencing a down in their business renegotiate the debts they accumulated. My mission is to help business owners stay in business and reach their financial dream through mediating and renegotiating problem debts. Creditors that are trying to collect from business owners have collection agencies and attornays on their side. The business owner has us to represent them. On behalf of the business owner, We meet with and negotiate debt obligations with the creditors, collection agencies and attorneys. We have a 95% success rate, reducing the amount owed down to 30% to 60% of its original value. Our service is a win for everyone. The creditor is paid and can close the book on the debt. The business owner has the load of the debt off his shoulders and can now concentrate on advancing his or her business. CPA's, accountants & bookkeepers retain a business client. We also have access to many lending sources and can get business owners the capital they need. We also repair people's credit, raise their credit score.