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The initial section when film-makers have been anticipated to send their functions ended in December and the Staff is now undergoing all preparations to be prepared by April for this 2008 Film Festival. The organization estimates that for this festival there will be around 200 films competing for distinct sections. Here the list:

International Competition section, reserved for feature length fiction or documentary films or animations. In order to be incorporated in this section and compete for the "Golden Tulip" award, authors/film-makers have to focus their interest on themes on "arts" or "the artist", and literary adaptations.

There is a specific section exactly where films shown in other top festivals (which includes many award-winning) will be projected at the World of Festivals Section

In competitors also the films at the Human Rights in Cinema Section that comprises both documentaries and attributes investigating the politics behind social and individual life changes.


Other NON-competitive sections are the Retrospective section & the Tributes section where tributes to a film-maker influential to film history are chosen, The Mined Zone section reserved for revolutionary, unconventional and exclusive fiction films in terms of style or content material and Masters of the Future Section featuring operates by new directors who received critical acclaim

Beside the International competitors theres also the National Competitors for recent Turkish films: Turkish Cinema.

As the Istanbul International Film festival keeps evolving every year, the sections of the festival are of course topic to modify.

For further data please pay a visit to IKSV web site.

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