Sheetal Rao

I think the most important thing to remember in life is to be true to you. In third grade, my friends and I were playing on the field until we found a lady bug. We got a water bottle and filled it with grass, air holes, and the lady bug. We brought it in the class room and made it our class pet. We named it Ruby because it was shiny red. I think that my third grade teacher had a lot of influence on me because before I went to her class I would zone out very quickly and after I had a very long attention spam because she would keep on reminding me to pay attention.
My closest friends in K-6th grade were Alya, Sarah, Aria, Shoshana, Claire, and Jessica. We always used to make videos of ourselves, we also wrote books, songs, and plays, and sadly I lost contact with Jessica because she moved. In second grade I got bullied two girls. Their names are Sara and Ashley. Luckily, my friends stood up for me. I hope that I have not or will never bully anyone. I will always try to be kind.
The member of my family are my brother, mom, and dad. My brother is obnoxious mostly, but sometimes he can be nice and helpful. His name is Kaushal. My mom is sweet, nice, and helpful. Whenever I need help I go to her and she is always there for me. I hope I am like her when grow up. Her name is Vinutha. My dad is nice and fun. He shops for us and plays games with us. My parents words of wisdom are, always lead by example. That is important because if you want to see a change make it happen.
I am an artist, author, singer, song writer, volleyball player, and dancer. I am very creative and have a positive perspective on life. I am energetic, friendly, and you can always count on me. I learned that you need to work for what you want. If I could change something about my personality it would be that I could do things without thinking how bad would I look. I always have that caution and it would be nice if I could just have fun.
I learned that the easy way to get through life is to be nice and cooperate. Though, you should not let people push you around. You have to work hard and keep your friendships strong or you will be lonely. My goals are to get good grades and YOLO. I want to be very social, get into good colleges and sing. My goals during and after high school are to get into Julliard, graduate, get a dog, marry, and have kids. The way I will obtain those goals are, I will work hard, take singing lessons, audition for Julliard, and the r