Robert Stark Hickey

frankly, me doesn't really interest me right now.

probably because i recently discovered my great great grandfather was a german immigrant who joined the union army and did very brave things at the battle of gettysburg. picketts charge. his regiment was decimated. his commander was shot and told him to take command. confederates were coming over the wall at the bloody angle. ammo was out and all he had was his own saber he had brought with him from germany. when it was over, there were dead bodies everywhere, blue and grey uniforms atop one another. everybody's red blood trickling into pools, overflowing into streams down the hillside. he was 28 years old at the time. he spoke few words of english.

i wonder why he fought. he had no property to defend. no insult to his honor or name. must have been principle.

imagine that, risking your life for a truth.

he lived to be 84.