Kun Huang

Assistant Professor in Lexington, Kentucky

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I am a researcher and practitioner in the field of instructional design & technology. The latest development in technology always fascinates me, yet my training in education and psychology gives me a unique lens to view and examine the use of technology in education. In my research and instructional design, I always ask these questions: How can this technology be best used to effectively promote student learning? How do students perceive and actually use the technology? Are teachers prepared for the pedagogical use of the technology? I enjoy the intersection between research and practice, which always helps me to consciously align one with the other.

​In my spare time, I like to go out and take pictures of the nature. I enjoy good food and cooking. I like to watch good movies of all genres. Occasionally, I also like to play games.

  • Work
    • University of Kentucky
  • Education
    • University of Oklahoma
    • University of Virginia