STAY is an alliance of outdoor enthusiasts dedicated to establishing and protecting access to single track trail systems in the Yakima Valley. We aim to preserve natural landscapes and create recreational opportunities through action, communication, and education. We believe in supporting new and existing trail systems in the foothills surrounding Yakima, which will accomplish several goals. It will prevent development on the most visible tracts of land in the area, maintaining the natural beauty of the region. It will foster awareness of personal health and facilitate recreational opportunities. Hiking and mountain biking are excellent forms of exercise and when there is more accessable trails, people have the opertunities to live healthier and enjoy the great outdoors. As word spreads about the trail networks around Yakima and their long seasons of use, people will come from around the greater region to use them, which brings business to and good press for the area. By working directly with local educators and researchers, the general public can learn about our local habitat and the flora/fauna that exist in it. Not only can we learn about the plants and animals, but we can learn the most effective and sustainable methods of managing the landscape to insure its existence for generations to come.