Stephanie Carter Taylor

Small Business Owner, Project Manager, and Consultant in Midlothian, Virginia

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MY OLD MOTO - Your new beginning can start today or next week! Owner of Medical Marketing Consulting for physicians. My NEW reinvention! MY NEW MOTO - Holy crap they actually liked the first three chapters and are going to pay me for this? Well, me and a icy ghostwriter who just loves me. I was told this two days after learning from a Neurologist, and Hematologist to take a YEAR off. Well, there goes that idea. So, The Mask of the Doctor's wife? A female small business owner of a Medical Marketing Consulting firm and former publisher of MD News was given another shot at life, when saved by her white knight from a horrific blood disease that had plagued her entire life, and taken all of her extra body parts,

My NEW REINVENTION isn't only to continue working on the book! I want to help and empower women! Girlfriends are the backbone in life, supporting others, and working together! New content is coming, but please visit my new Facebook page!

Girlfriends who really believe in caring and sharing should check this out. It has been a slow work in progress, but I promise, these tips will help you look fabulous at any age and ready for your next reinvention! I will help you! #girlfriendcode

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