Steed's FLUX Kettlebell & Fitness

Flux – Definition – A flowing or flow, continuous change or passage.

Kettle bells are distinctive purely by the vast extremes they encompass – ranging from being incredibly difficult to master and poetic and beautiful when working correctly. This is the journey Kettle bells encompass. You will find that through this journey you obtain the maximum results afforded you!

Flux in Motion is a Kettle bell and Training philosophy based on old style training with new world thinking. The idea of creating holistic movement is at the forefront of our ideology. We don’t believe in shortcuts, we don’t believe in easy paths. We do believe in success and making each of you a better whole.

Some of the benefits of kettle bell training include:

Improved strength

Incredible work capacity (strength endurance)

Enhanced athleticism – flexibility, coordination, balance etc.

Weight loss

Injury prevention

Mental toughness

Lean & functional muscle mass

Strengthening of the entire posterior chain

Core strength

Sport and combat applications