Stefan Norrvall

Sydney, Australia

I am on a journey to change organisations for the better. A journey to shift the dominant thinking paradigm that has a hold on most of our organisations. A paradigm that views people as resources motivated by extrinsic rewards. A paradigm that likens the organisation to a machine that can be improved by fixing the parts, and a paradigm that thinks that change is achieved by "fixing" or "changing" people.

There is a growing number of us that believe that people deserve better from the organisations that they spend a great deal of their life. The evidence suggesting that viewing organisations as machines is flawed is overwhelming, yet changing it take a tremoundous amount of effort. Having said that, getting the common man to understand that our Earth moves around the Sun and not the other way took centuries. I hope we can adress our challenge quicker than that.

On twitter and on my blog I try and keep an up-to-date account of my current thinking on ways to make organisations better. Feel free to follow or get in touch.

All the best/ Stefan

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    • SN Consulting
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    • University of Lund, Univeristy of Newcastle