Stefan Novak

Brisbane Queensland Australia

Music is my passion

I hope in the future to be able to not also create content for a business (like a record label) but also produce music for artists and/or myself. I feel like I have good tastes and know what sounds good.

I've previously worked at McDonald's and it was a good job to start off with but I'm glad I don't work in food right now.

I have a job as an IT Developer/Video Editor producing material for websites or whatever my boss wants me to.

I like making music of any forms but mainly chill/melodic/rock sort of stuff. Lots of really nice synth and melodies and mind blowing breakdowns to make anyone who listens have a good time.

I loved to play sport and I love being in a team environment, so I guess it's no wonder creating music with other artist or performing in a band is one of my passions.

Never rush art.

Learn to love life and uplift people.

  • Education
    • Whites Hill State College
    • SAE Institute