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Most important on our planet is: to recognize who we really are and how we can end suffering and create a coporate game together in awareness and serenity with the purpose to create world-peace.

My job is to support humans to be enlightened and to train them to use of their full consciousness, abilities and potentials. Great astonishment is guaranteed and a smile that will not disappear simply ! Come back home.

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Avatar®-Course (AVC) and ReSurfacing®Workshop (RSF) 2015:

-Juli 4 to 12, 2015 - Orlando, FL, USA (Avatar-Course)

- Juli 4 / 5 and 11 / 12 - Orlando, FL, USA (ReSurfacing-Workshop)

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"Hope: The abilitiy to envision better circumstances than the situation that one finds oneself in.” -Harry Palmer, in private Lessons

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