Stephanie Cerra

Editor, Writer, and Tutor in Redwood City, California

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Quick, thorough, and knowledgeable editor and proofreader with 25 years of experience

Clear, powerful writer

Obsessive fact-checker and relentless researcher

Proofreading (markup without comments): $45/hour
Proofreading and light editing: $50/hour
Developmental editing: $60/hour
Tutoring: $50/hour
Writing: $65/hour

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"Stephanie is a top-notch editor who provided outstanding support to our entire organization. In addition to having responsibility for editing all of our course materials (the core of our business), she also provided excellent support to all other areas of the business . . . She was flexible, timely, and of course, accurate in all her work. She balanced the demands of multiple internal clients as well as deadlines driven by our external clients, always ensuring deadlines were met while never compromising quality."

Tim Wasserman, Chief Learning Officer, IPS Learning


"Stephanie is a meticulous editor who understands the imperatives of clear and concise writing—and then proceeds to deftly deploy her fine-tuned sensibilities toward weeding out ambiguous phrasing and specious reasoning in the works she’s reviewing. During the time she helped turn around several hi-tech reports for the market research firm formerly known as iSuppli, Stephanie also brought to the table both fastidious professionalism and an engaging openness, which everyone in the team appreciated greatly!"

Alex Gaw, Senior Editor, IHS


"Stephanie Cerra has edited my blog posts for the last year. I would not have the courage to write posts if I didn't have an editor. Stephanie is invaluable to me. Her turn-around is 24-48 hours, and on the rare instances when she was unable to get them returned to me within that time frame, she emailed me and let me know when to expect them. I appreciate her edits for punctuation and grammar, and her comments about how my writing can be improved. When I get my post back, she will have added appropriate references, using proper form, and citation notes. I love writing now, as I know I don't have to sweat and fret over every sentence. I have become a better writer as a result of her suggestions."

Professional Client

  • Education
    • M.A., English Literature, Indiana University-Bloomington
    • B.A., English Literature, University of Pittsburgh