Stephen Danelutti

Customer Success in London, United Kingdom

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I work with technology and I’m hugely optimistic about its impact on society, business and the individual. However I'm not blinded by it and recognise its limitations. I’m a practicing Buddhist and meditate which is why my first book (trend report actually) was about Mindfulness and its impact at work. This perspective brings a humanism to my work.

I'm a big fan of start-ups and start-up methodology to foster innovation so help them and implement their practices wherever I can. I mentor startups at Microsoft Ventures currently. I reckon myself an accidental intrapreneur. My second trend report on the subject is just out.

Find out and access the trend reports on my website if you want - this is the specific page.

I’ve developed several skills over a varied career and am always mixing things up. Generally I’m good at making customers successful with their use of technology, engaging and enthusing stakeholders, making and communicating the complex simply and managing business programmes innovatively. I've started and grown innovative businesses and implemented new business practices in global organisations, including my own.

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