Steve Nelson

Steve has applied Internet technology to business solutions since 1981. As a software engineer he designed Internet-based factory automation systems at Zehntel, and was the founding marketing director of Kinetics, which provided the first commercial Internet connectivity products for the Apple Macintosh. As Kinetics became part of Excelan and then Novell, Steve was general manager of Novell's desktop products division, overseeing a staff of engineers and product marketers in California, Utah and the UK.

With the birth of the Web as a marketing medium, Steve co-founded Clear Ink, one of the original digital marketing agencies. He led online strategy development for Clear Ink's clients, including Autodesk, Sun Microsystems, HP, Cisco, Philips and 21st Century Insurance. In addition, he has been responsible for ongoing research and development of new models, methods and technologies for digital marketing and business communications.

Steve is currently a partner at AP42, a boutique marketing agency in San Ramon, CA, and the owner of Tradelast, a software laboratory.