Steven Gallanter

Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Steven Gallanter resides in the Fenway neighborhood in Boston, MA where he has lived since 1978. Steve is a member of the Society for Amnerican Baseball Research/SABR, the Central Boston YMCA, the Fenway CDC, the Fenway Civic Association and the National Baseball Hall of Fame. Mr. Gallanter has the lifelong affliction of being a Mets fan and has managed to transfer his fandom to the Red sox because he could never be a Yankee fan.

Steven Gallanter subsists onj WFM Bean and Rice burittos and has been a vegetarian for 35 years. Spinah with tofu and mixed vegetables are his favorite dinner when doused with ginger soy sauce, olive oil and apple vinegar.

His taste in beverages includes iced tea, Woodchuck Cider, Jameson's and DiSarrono Originale.

Steve is an avid reader whose pice, THE GREAT GATSBY ISN'T GREAT AND ISN'T THE GREAT GATSBY has won the accolades od dozens. The FENWAY NEWS has also published several of his pieces. Authors Steve Gallanter admires include, Richard Price, Philip Roth, Thorsten Veblen, Garry Wills, Kevin Phillips, Robert Caro, Pete Hammil, Jimmy Breslin, Bill James and innumerable others who occupy the library of his bandwidth.

Steve also admires Clint Eastwood and Andy Warhol for very different and very similar reasons.

Steve power walks, lifts weights and bicycles to stay fit although bad hair days have become more frequent in recent years.

Steve Gallanter has been in hospitality industry in Boston long enough to have outlived 3 of the 4 original Ramones. Steve has lived through disco 5 times!

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His 2 favortite nieces are Amy and Jenny Gallanter neither of who,m ever has bad hair days. Steve's brother peter is a practicing attorney in Long island and New York.

  • Work
    • Bartender
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    • Kind of...continuing