Steve Reaser

Father, Small Business Owner, and Web Developer in Raleigh, North Carolina

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Co-founder of Sproutwise Kids, a new brand of parenting gear.

good for you * good for baby * good for mother earth

We are in the midst of launching Sproutwise and are learning a ton -- we share almost everything at our blog here:

Prior to this, spent a year running a startup in Boulder, CO called Funding Launchpad (didn't stick the landing on that one).

Before that, spent 11 years helping to build WebAssign, an online homework system used heavily in Freshman/Sophomore courses in math and science.

I've invested in a handful of startups, but that is not my focus right now.

Currently building Sproutwise Kids, with the goal of branching out over time to help solve bigger and bigger problems for the world, and help build up the entrepreneurial community especially here in NC.