Suki Mam

New York City

I’m an experienced Video Editor and aspiring Digital Producer based in NYC. I have an eye for usable, intuitive design that feels instantly familiar. I strive to capture aesthetically-beautiful frames of various enjoyable experiences. I’m also capable of photography, illustration and some wordpress as needed.

I'm seeking to land a gig where I can create visual candy to help people navigate everyday tools or to portray depth/emotions in original film projects. My ideal job is to collaborate with a team of User Experience Designers/Developers or Filmographers. Having a small voice in every step of the creative process, from conception to execution would be a BIG bonus!

Currently, I'm working on my portfolio to showcase a collection of my best work and highlight the insight I would bring to the table and your team. During my quest to display my genuine talent for illustration, I hope to add more proud feats to my portfolio. So if you're in a position of hiring an enthusiastic creative nerd or constantly pushing, prodding, and testing the boundaries of interactive design, I would love to hear from you!!!

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    • New York Film Academy