Susanne Trout, RDN, IBCLC

Phoenix Arizona

Looking for breastfeeding help??? Contact me, I make in-home visits. Or go to and find a lactation consultant in your area. I am a registered and licensed dietitian as well as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. My primary focus is to provide nutrition support for infants born prematurely, new moms establishing successful breastfeeding, and for women pregnant with multiples! My experience is varied!!! I began providing nutrition support for premature infants in the neonatal intensive care unit in 2003. Since then I've coordinated a gastric bypass program for adolescents, managed a multi-center research study, co-authored and edited several books/reference guides and helped create a first of it's kind program dedicated to moms pregnant with multiples with the goal of educating these women on the importance of weight gain to improve the outcomes for their infants and for mom's pregnancy. Click on linkedin below for more information and detailed work history. Thanks for viewing my site! And remember, babies were born to breastfeed, even two or three!

  • Education
    • BS in Nutrion, RD, LD, IBCLC,