Susie Clevenger

Houston, Texas

Susie Clevenger

Houston, Texas

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I am an author, poet, and amateur photographer. I recently published my first poetry collection, Dirt Road Dreams, which can be found on Amazon.

I have a passion to capture words and images with pen and camera lens. Art takes many forms in a world where inspiration can be found in something as ordinary as a coffee cup to the exquisite beauty of a Jamaican sunrise.

I am a member of the Academy of American poets and a member of the online writing community, Imaginary Garden with Real Toads.

My work has been featured online in The Creative Nexus, Poetry & Prose Magazine, The Brinks Gallery, and The Global Twitter Community Poetry Project.

Pictures of the Silver Lining

A Beautiful face,

a theater of eyes

and smiles, captures

my heart with

its animation.

When anxious days

cloud with shrouds

of dismay, I dance

among images of light

pressed between

glass and frame.

She is my child, a gift

filled with bursts of laughter,

a tigeress with comedic timing,

arms that hug away the hell

riffling through my spirit.

A beautiful face, a theater of eyes

and smiles, erasing pain until

I can feel the silver lining.

©Susie Clevenger 2015

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