Attila Szabó - Nagy

On my identity card in addition to a long series of numbers and data it's written Attila Szabó Nagy. Mostly I love music and literature. The strings on my guitar are usually stressed to the edge of breaking. I am suffering of continuous creative crisis and despite to all my tryings of abnormally avoid cliches, I realize that I am using them again and again and again.

I tried to write poems, songs, short stories, lyrics, music, but later looking back at them the most common gesture was the dissatisfied shaking of my head. Even though some of my poems were published in "Várad" and I won the category prize in the "Anyám Fekete Rózsa" event of poems with a composition for a poem written by Sándor Weöres. It would be nice to reach once the creative level, where at least half plus one of the creations are not landing in the trash, but they have an acceptable and publishable quality for the public.