T.P. Archie


I came to this planet a few years ago and liked it so much I invited myself to stay. I spent time in the former textile towns of an area frequently referred to as 'Up-North'. A keen student of other life-forms, I live with a small colony of non-humans (four dogs and two cats). My adoptive family have been known to take me on walks. When opportunity allows I can be spotted at local writing groups. Where I can, I take part in the funless gloom of online writing competitions.

I embellish the imaginary and the real with pleasing patterns. When the facts are known, all that's required are the names of victims to play the parts.

Terken Khatun(mother of Sultan Muhammad) being led captive by the Mongols.

Based on a very old manuscript of Rashi-ad-Din in the Biblliothèque Nationale (following the collapse of the Khwarezmian Empire to the Turco-Mongol hordes in the 13th Century)

I'll repopulate this back story later

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