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VIRTUE Worldwide was conceived in 2006, when VICE Media Group decided it should breathe life into the flat-lining field of communications. What it created is now a full-service agency, covering brand strategy, creative development, production, distribution, and research—all under a single roof. VIRTUE has developed into yet another arm of a Shiva-like media organisation that is raising the world of creative media to unseen heights.

VICE -which includes the channels (Vice News, Noisey, i-D, Motherboard, Thump, Munchies, Vice Sports, The Creators Project, Fightland), Vice Digital, Vice on HBO, Vice Books, Vice Records, and VBS.TV- was founded in Montreal in 1994. Today it is the world’s leading next-generation youth-media company, with offices and operations in 38 countries across every continent but that unpleasantly frozen one. We are storming the world with an undiluted message of creative purity and innovative force. Judging by our impending world domination, it’s working.

With the entire VICE ecosystem at its disposal, VIRTUE is unlike any other creative agency. It draws from a global network of over 500 full-time employees, 3,000 creative contributors, and a fanatical monthly audience of over 15 million worldwide.

I work as a Senior Project Manager at the Benelux Head Office in Amsterdam. We help global brands find new ways of communicating with the world's youth.

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