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Just what is a Slovakia Schengen Visa? A Slovakia Schengen Visa is a unique type of visa which allows you to lawfully travel within the Schengen area including Slovakia for an elongated time period, usually up to 90 days.

This is indeed a traveler's fantasy where with just one visa you are able to visit any country listed under any Schengen category. If this sounds like the perfect solution to your travel needs then be certain that you read the facts in order to understand what it will entail.

Firstly, you have to apply for the visa at least 30 days before you intend to travel. The longer you apply to your visa before you leave on your journey, the more chance you have of this visa being granted.

After the application for the visa was accepted, you will need to pay the fee and then return the visa together with the accompanying document to the embassy you've applied to. This visa doesn't have to be renewed. But if you do happen to renew your visa then you will have to present new documents and payment to your renewal.