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Hi. Thanks for Googling me... I think?

If you want to see examples of my writing, go to tamaranitai.com

Otherwise, know this: I'm Tamar Anitai: lady person, verbose joke-cracker, voracious overaccessorizer, Midwestern by birth, New Yorker by choice, cat person by divine prophecy. SVP of Communications Strategy and Planning and Edelman.

As an essayist, I've written -- rather self-indulgently, I might add -- about not having children for Tue/Night, Huffington Post and TODAY, and I've written about how people are going krazy about kale. Those articles were polarizing! I've also written about music, pop culture, celebrity, fashion and beauty.

I used to blog about fashion, but who even blogs anymore? Plus, taking photos of yourself is exhausting and also something many people who aren't me love to do.

In a former life, I was managing editor of MTV.com, where I managed editorial and social content, started the MTV Buzzworthy Blog (ask me ANYTHING about Selena Gomez! ANYTHING!), co-hosted digital livestreams and was featured on MTV's & VH1's video countdown specials and was quoted in the New York Times, New York Post, and CNN. (If you're my mom, and chances are you're not, you're pretty excited). I interviewed Justin Bieber and emerged unscathed.

I was selected by Ad Age as one of their "Media-Related Twitter Accounts That Don't Annoy Us" (Thanks!!!)

@tamaranitai on Twitter.

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