Tamika Simpkins

Philadelphia-born Tamika Simpkins is an actress, editor, writer or producer on several films and new media projects. She holds a double major Bachelor of Science degree in Computer and Information Science, and African-American Studies.

In 2006, she landed in Los Angeles and in less than a month, she had signed with an agent and was hired by Warner Bros. where she expanded her industry contacts to help take her career to the next level.

Working as an industry insider, Tamika has shared her critically acclaimed acting talents in front of the camera on hit TV shows such as Southland, Shameless, The Wire, and The Shield. Her latest acting work can be seen in the feature film, Saving Lincoln. She has shared the screen with today's most popular actors, including: William H. Macy, Regina King, Michael Chiklis, and Richard Roundtree. Honing her craft working in front of the camera, Tamika has also worked behind the camera as she has written, produced, and edited films that have toured the national film festival circuit.

Beyond working in TV and film, Tamika's recent theatrical credits include: The Vagina Monologues and Harry and the Thief, and also the award-nominated productions of Black Women: State of the Union and Death and the King's Horseman.

Currently, Tamika Simpkins specializes in developing high-impact, economical websites for start-ups in the arts and entertainment industry. With a keen eye on the most efficient way to market and sustain a lasting footprint on the web, Tamika uses her creativity as an information technology consultant and media editor to present interactive and responsive websites and media content. Tamika’s experience working for today’s leading entertainment companies, including Warner Bros., Clear Channel Radio, and Philly.com, expands her expertise and business savvy to help provide proof-positive results for her clients. She also has a history of mentoring youth in math and science programs for Upward Bound, and the Pan-African Community Education Program at her alma mater, Temple University.

Tamika holds a B.S. degree in Computer and Information Sciences, and African-American Studies.