Ted Luoma

Shreveport, Louisiana

I'm happily married with three lovely daughters. I have an obsession for cooking. Actually, I spend most of my waking moments thinking about food. Maybe I'm searching recipes, I may be trying to figure out what's for dinner, or maybe I'm enjoying a snack. I have a pretty good idea of what something will taste like before I create it. That's nice, because that means fewer home cooked meals for the dogs.

If I'm not cooking at home, I'm volunteering my time with Christian organizations. I volunteer to cook meals at Common Ground Community here in Shreveport. My favorite organization is Mercy Chefs. We deploy out to where there have been natural disasters to provide hot meals to victims and relief workers alike.

As if that wasn't enough to sate my food obsession, I've recently started my own catering company so that I could earn money to fund my mission adventures.

In short, I like food.