A lot of those locations which everybody was saying were just terrible because of the foreclosures are actually representing some of the best places for young dentists to go that's because the younger families. Are taking advantage of this repossession market for the repo market to purchase homes that otherwise they couldn't afford often these places are closer to work places. In the had been previously it used to be that young families had to purchase homes that were far outside of the radius where they might practice or where they might find a job. Because the repo market has gone into some of those areas that were a little bit while not doing that great to begin with young people are buying homes closer to where they work given. That situation urban and densely populated suburban locations are becoming better and better places for these young professionals to look it's also interesting that these trends.

That were seen within the census are also opening up parts of rural America that previously had not really been considered large enough for these doctors to consider setting up a practice not. Here and if you don't mind me to share a couple of hard numbers that your listeners might want to know them previously we had looked at the threshold for a new practice going. Into an area where there had been no Dennis before at about 6000 population right now because there's more of a clustering of population near the the city centers that are somewhat. Rural were actually looking at areas as small as three or 4000 as being reasonable places for them to consider setting up a scratch practice now I grant you that on the East Coast. There are a lot of those kinds of places but throughout the Midwest the interim Mountain West of the prairie states there are more and more these places that they might want to move.