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. . .. .: .:: :::: :::.::: .::.::.::.::. The Big Picture

i am <3 i am, not US O:) vs THEM 3:)

i am as young as now and as old as the universe.

art is in, science is out. the universe is electric

the trick is to distinct the right from wrong and if mistake is made then learn from it and move along.

! good happens when it can. <3

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The One Page Bible

God is the physical host body at the centre of the whole universe, as a point of reference, creative input, and experience of it, the earth element, while mind is Lord of consciousness and senses of right vs wrong, the water element, the Spirit is space, the air we breathe in and out, the air element, and the Soul is emotional feelings with which we experience passage of time and perceiving change, the fire element.

All four correspond to the foundations of life on earth and the four kingdoms of life, earth being the mineral kingdom, water being the fungi kingdom, air being the plant kingdom, and fire is the animal kingdom, with the fifth kingdom as a capstone representing the human kingdom of the universal awareness, micro and macro, ether, ormus, the energy of love, kindness, empathy, compassion, wisdom, encompassing the whole matrix of life and being aware of the big picture and the tiny details.

the universe is a playground and the earth is where we learn how to share it. i am ❤ (love) this i am, not US O:) (angels) vs THEM 3:) (demons).

Also, the body represents the needs, while the mind the wants, desires. however a healthy mind wants first to help its host body to get what it needs and to look after it well. as a saying goes, in healthy body is a healthy spirit. and my version, the body is holy, the rest is a story.

The body IS the nature, right smack at the centre of it all. hence the nature calls, and the reason, the mind, is part of the body’s sensory network monitoring and processing the information within and around it, using it to provide for the body’s needs, big part of the nature, before the consciousness is free to focus on the diverse desires and ideas of fun.

Sure the spirit (space) is infinite, however one attains life, and hence the remote possibility of immortality or a healthy lifespan, by having a body, an atom or more.

AB is Toronto artist, activist, graphics designer, webmaster, co-founder of the Idiosyntactix Strategic Arts &

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