Theresa Fowler


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Until the age of 43, Theresa tipped the scales 100lbs heavier than she is now. Having been a fat child and grown into an obese adult, she believed the ‘big boned’ lie told by her family. But after a life-changing event, she decided to do something about her health.

Now a public speaker, weight loss coach and energy healer, she is also author of Feel Like Sh*t? How to Stop Being Fat, a story of her journey, but also of the hidden toxins and chemicals in our food that are a main contributor to weight gain, obesity and dis-ease worldwide.

After realising that limiting beliefs held back her clients in their own transformations, Theresa began studying the body-mind connection, revealing that the more self-aware and self-loving we become, the easier it is to navigate our own Universe.

Theresa is now working on her forthcoming self-love revolution manual, Breakdowns To Breakthroughs.

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