Darren Wright

New Jersey, USA


I am a life and epilepsy coach for the Wrightwayforward coaching service.This coaching service is designed to help everybody who needs personal development. I passionately believe that every person has the ability to attain personal and professional success. Helping people define their goals and teaching them how to make them a reality has long been my passion.My niche is the epilepsy condition, as I also am a person with epilepsy. I have a strong desire to help all those who have this, to get through lifes challenges and be stronger for it.



Lacking in self esteem/confidence, not getting the grades you could be getting, only vague ideas for career aspirations and long term goals.You have been bullied from time to time, few friends and feel unhappy or insecure about the future. Believe me I have been there! I can help.


Falling into a rut of work, bills, and boredom. Stuck in a job you hate. Feeling uninspired in your personal relationships and making do with the feeling that life is just OK. Relaxation time is just spent watching TV, playing video games or on Facebook. Feeling stressed. Lacking confidence and motivation. Sound familar?

We've all been there at some point! It is through personal development that we can get unstuck. Tapping into that power requires training to develop the ability to identify, define and develop your goals, and then formulate and execute an action plan to help you to reach them. A life coach can put you on the road to personal fulfilment in our lives.


Life coaching is not therapy. It is a holistic process that teaches clients how to harness their own abilities, resources and power to achieve realistic goals in all areas of their lives. Life coaches act as guides, helping clients navigate their individual paths to success with respect to their career, wealth, health, relationships, hobbies and interests, and spirituality etc. The strength and skill of life coaching is not about giving advice but allowing the clients to find the answer for themselves. It is about removing obstacles and encouraging clients to go beyond perceived barriers to reach their aspirations and dreams.


Epilepsy is a medical condition of which there are two types: Generalized Primary eg Tonic Clonic (Grand Mal) and Partial eg Common Partial seizure . There are about 3 mi

  • Education
    • B.A. (hons) Psychology
    • S.A.C. (advanced) Diploma in Life coaching (level 4) UK